MIME application/x-gzip-compressed

Mime type: Application
Mime subtype: Gzip compressed archive file

Parameters and sub-parameters: Not defined by IANA

The Mime extension type application/x-zip-compressed is not defined under IANA, but may be used by specific browsers like Internet Explorer that has its own set of MIME application types in addition to the ones defined by IANA.

The type application/x-zip-compressed refers to compressed archive files created through the Gunzip application, which is available through This is an open source program, which is freely available for zipping as well as decompressing files in the popular Gzip format.

Gzip is a compression application, which was created as a direct replacement for all other compression utilities that were proprietary in nature. The application is available through the GNU open source project, and is available through The file extensions associated with Gzip include .gzip, .tar and .tar.gz.

Gzip is also available in Unix and across versions of Linux through the command prompt terminal. A single Gzip file may either contain a single Gzip file or may contain a group of files enclosed within a single Gzip file.

Associated applications:

Gzip or GunZip application being an open source standard doesn’t really have a single application that handles it. Being a non proprietary application, gzip files can be read by a variety of file compression tools. The MIME application/x-gzip-compressed extension helps Internet Explorer to latch the file type through its own mechanisms like FindMimeFromData, which is used by Internet Explorer to scan and find MIME extensions that are not registered at IANA and are specifically written for Internet Explorer.

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